The need to heal from within is an intensive process.

When a child passes before their parents, there is a void unlike no other. The need to go within oneself to heal is immense.
One finds strength in creativity.

The heart and soul of loss is never quite completed. Love of family, friends and faith in the ultimate greater good, intertwine in creative forces. Able to access this love of fabric and color have nurtured Yvonne.

Grateful for the love of her family, grateful for the love of her friends and community, heart to hand will always stand as a force to support and assist others.

My Land

Oh this land of which I stay seems to be my land


In these woods here I perch…

Looking and noticing every detail.

I think of myself, this is my kingdom.

And, if it was,

I would have every rock in perfect fit

Every tree straight and tall with leaves

Flushing green.

The floor swept clean of its decaying mess.

Then this would be my kingdom.

My heaven of which it be.

But still I sit and watch the running water pass by.

And think, Oh what the hell,

I'll call it my land anyway.


Written by Re' while on Outward Bound Solo, 1983

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